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Newcastle voted the friendliest city in the UK

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Newcastle has been voted as the No.1 ‘Friendliest City in the UK’ following a survey of 1.5 million people by Big7Travel. Also making it into the list are local neighbours Durham (17th), and Sunderland (41st).

According to Big7Travel, the lively Geordies, engaging social scene and ease of access for first-time visitors all helped bring Newcastle out on top. It was also recognised that Newcastle is family-friendly and safe and that visitors to the city soon feel like locals not long after arriving. 

Those who took part in the survey felt that the atmosphere in Newcastle and beyond is hard to match, with a homey feel and locals who go the extra mile to welcome visitors. 

Yet another reason to shout about why we think Newcastle is one of the best places to live and work! 

Here’s the full list of 50 friendliest UK cities:

  • 50th. Belfast
  • 49th. London
  • 48th. Bradford
  • 47th. Oxford
  • 46th. Bristol
  • 45th. Norwich
  • 44th. Sheffield
  • 43rd. Leeds
  • 42nd. Gloucester
  • 41st. Sunderland
  • 40th. Coventry
  • 39th. Salford
  • 38th. Cardiff
  • 37th. Lancaster
  • 36th. Carlisle
  • 35th. Cambridge
  • 34th. Stoke-on-Trent
  • 33rd. Armagh
  • 32nd. Chester
  • 31st. Derby
  • 30th. Canterbury
  • 29th. Dundee
  • 28th. Worcester
  • 27th. Newport
  • 26th. Swansea
  • 25th. Chelmsford
  • 24th. Inverness
  • 23rd. Chichester
  • 22nd. Hereford
  • 21st. Salisbury
  • 20th. Aberdeen
  • 19th. Leicester
  • 18th. Plymouth
  • 17th. Durham
  • 16th. Wolverhampton
  • 15th. Edinburgh
  • 14th. Portsmouth
  • 13th. Kingston-upon-Hull
  • 12th. Exeter
  • 11th. Birmingham
  • 10th. Nottingham
  • 9th. Southampton
  • 8th. Derry
  • 7th. Brighton and Hove
  • 6th. Liverpool
  • 5th. Bath
  • 4th. Manchester
  • 3rd. York
  • 2nd. Glasgow
  • 1st. Newcastle

Read the full article on the Big7Travel site here